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The Hauser Brothers, their music, their life, their commitment

Posted by Steve Hauser on December 18, 2018

Hi friends, no wussy here, just Steve coming up with another fanta-bulous blog entry. By the way I coined that term fanta-bulous, don’t care what anyone else says, trust me I came up with it fair & square!

Proud to say I am from a very big family and pretty dang proud of it. Am the oldest of six siblings, and then blessed with many more half- and step-brothers. My dad Paul was wonderful to help us with our academics, learning to work hard, and playing music too. We built things, we played musical instruments like the piano, violin, clarinet & saxophone. We had chickens & goats & dogs & cats & grew vegetables.

So yes I’m a family man from way back when & to my family of four. Wanna share about the infamous Hauser Brothers, from country music to Christian to line dancing to good food & above all fun times.

“Michael and Eddie Hauser began singing, and playing rhythm and bass guitars in their early teens in Augusta, Georgia.  In 1994, they formed a country band and became the house band at Doogie’s Neon Moon Café, located in the outskirts of Augusta.  They played there on Friday and Saturday nights during the next two years, and then at Durango’s Bar and Grill during most of 1996.  During these years, they also played for private parties such as wedding receptions, and in concerts at Augusta’s Riverwalk and Savannah River Rapids Pavilion.  Michael soon learned that he had a knack for writing music and lyrics, and was offered free room and board if he would move to Nashville with an Augusta songwriter and write the music for the songwriter’s lyrics, and sing and record the demos to be pitched to producers, etc.  Michael jumped at the opportunity to make the move to Nashville, and Eddie soon followed.  They entered talent contests at the 16th Ave. Café, Nashville Night Life, and various other locations, but soon learned that they needed a complete band in order to perform regularly.  During the next six years, they played with at least thirty different Nashville musicians at Tootsie’s, Legends Corner, Exit In and Glenn’s Lounge in Nashville, Paul’s Country Club in Madison, TN, and The Loft upstairs at Springfield Sites and Sounds in Springfield, TN.  They also continued to play for private parties such as Lily Carver’s in Franklin, KY, political fund-raising dinners, and a concert in The Center in Springfield, TN.  Michael wrote hundreds of songs during these years. Eddie also tried his hand at song writing and assisted Michael with a few of his songs.  They produced their own album, and now have more songs ready for a second album. 

   But despite all of their efforts, different musicians, and various band name changes, nothing really clicked for the Hauser brothers until late in 2002.  In a short period of time, Corey Choate, a stepbrother and drummer, his best friend and accomplished lead guitarist, Brandon Wilson, and younger brother and keyboardist, Johnny Hauser, joined the band. Corey played piano at a very early age, and really blossomed as a musician when he became the field commander of the Jo Byrns High School band in the ninth grade .  He kept this position all four years of high school and became proficient in nearly all of the band instruments during this time, but probably most proficient in French horn and percussion instruments.  He performed in many honors bands during these years, and is now a music major and percussionist at Austin Peay University. Brandon is undeniably amazing. An owner of a music store once told another Hauser Brothers band member that they knew Brandon and that “he could play every instrument ever created on God’s green earth”.  He plays lead and bass guitar, piano, almost all brass and woodwind instruments including the oboe, all percussion instruments including timpani, and banjo, mandolin and dobro.  He did admit that he has never played a lute, sitar, or balalaika, but give him ten minutes with each of these and chances are he would figure them out too. Brandon is also a music major at Austin Peay University. Johnny Hauser began playing saxophone at an early age and has a beautiful sound on this instrument, but his even stronger suit is now in keyboards, which he began playing two years ago.  Johnny also plans to major in music at Austin Peay.

   The Hauser Brothers are definitely a winning combination, and offers are coming in from everywhere.”

Click Below to Listen to The Hauser Brothers

Thanks for reading, Steve Runningman Findcash Martinezshopper